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Anandi Water Park in Lucknow

Anandi Water Park in Lucknow
Anandi Water Park, established in Lucknow during the year 2002, will convince you that it's a unique water park for fun and adventure for all ages and everybody. It is probably Northern India's biggest water park with maximum number of slider and events. The Park's lush green beautiful lawns with natural greenery around it,  make it most desirable place in the Lucknow city as well as the nearby cities. This site provides you information and necessary guidance that you should know before you proceed for Anandi Water Park. Swimming costumes, lockers, Lunch and snacks facilities are available at nominal charge. Entry Ticket is around Rs.500/-(+) although little high but worth spending. You may take your own swimming suit (nylon) if available with you.

Whether it is a week-end or holiday, Anandi Water Park is most liked destination.  Anandi Water Park in Lucknow is  a place to enjoy cool tides, showers and waves. You may take bath in springs and enjoy green and open lawns.  Please read latest information about the park in side bar.  You may also contact over phone number provided herein to contact the Anandi water park for the current ticket prices and other facilities available along with other information.
You may contact Anandi Water Park for School, Picnic, Corporate,Birthday, Marriage and group functions. Away from the crowds and dust, it is the best place in Lucknow.

Ticket Rates : Rs. 500 or  Rs. 600   

Children :         Discount of Rs. 100/- on Ticket rates
Above rates include light snacks and Costumes  

Lunch  Rs.150/- (if desired)  
Time:  Morning to Evening
Tide Timings:  2.00 pm to 2.30 pm.

Care: Time to enjoy tides and wave in Anandi Water Park is : 2.00 pm and 2.30   pm. You may confirm it over phone before visiting the Park.

How to Reach : Anandi Water Park in Lucknow is situated on most convenient place i.e. on main Faizabad Road,  just at a stone's throw from Chinhat Crossing at Faizabad Road. 

Beside Indra Canal, Faizabad Road, Lucknow.

Phone : 9415008377, 9415008361, 9235394747, 9235394742 
You may like to see  for driving directions:  MAP - Driving Directions 
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Anandi water park is in fact an unique amusement park that features waterplay areas, such as water slides, splash pads, water playgrounds, lazy rivers, or other recreational bathing, swimming, and bare-footing environments. It is  now equipped with some type of artificial surfing or body-boarding environment such as a wave pool or a Flow Rider.It has  grown in popularity since their introduction. 

The first indoor water park was built in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada during the year 1985 at the West Edmonton Mall. It is called the World Water park and is spread on over 200,000 sq ft. India's first Water Park is probably Shanku at Ahmedabad.

Contact Numbers and address: 

Phone Numbers : 9415008377, 9235394743

More : 9235394747, 9415008361;   

Land line Contact :  0522- 2818540

Entry Tickets:  Rs.500/600   (revised)

How to Reach :  Anandi Water Park in Lucknow is situated on most convenient place i.e. on main Faizabad Road just at a stone's throw from Chinhat Crossing at Faizabad Road.  See How to Reach MAP

Facilities Available :Swimming costumes, lockers, Lunch and snacks facilities are available at nominal charge. 
Entry Ticket is  although little high but worth spending. You may take your own swimming suit (nylon).
Care: Time to enjoy tides and wave in Anandi Water Park is : 2.00 pm, 2.30 pm    (Time may change)
-Further information can be obtained on the above telephone numbers.
Note: Please note Amrapali Water Park at Hardoi Road is now also open for public.

Beside Indra Canal, Faizabad Road, Lucknow.

See MAP -How to reach

Have a look at the most beautiful photos of Anandi Water Park. You may not resist your temptation to visit   Anandi Water Park.

Anandi Water Park Photos
Anandi Water Park, Lucknow Photos
anandi water park Photos
anandi water park photos
anandi water park photos
Games for Kids and Welcome Gate
Anandi Water Park, Lucknow
Anandi Water Park, Lucknow Photos
Anandi Water Park Photos
Anandi Water Park Pictures
Ananadi Water Park Images

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